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Mandy Bishop of Mandala Enterprises & Innovation worked alongside Sterasure to bring CASPR Disinfection technology to Medical, Commercial and Residential settings in across Canada.

Sterasure COVID-19 Disinfection Solutions
CASPR Pro In-Duct Disinfection from COVID-19, H1N1, MRSA, MS2

CASPR In-Duct disinfection mitigates airborne and surface pathogens including COVID-19 by disinfecting the building air and surfaces on an automated, continuous basis. This innovative technology is evidence-based and clinically proven to kill viruses, bacteria, and other harmful pathogens while improving air quality.

This technology provides a non-toxic, chemical free and safe solution to destroy harmful pathogens, including COVID-19, C. Auris, C. Diff, MRSA, H1N1 and more.

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CASPR In-Duct disinfection technology has been designed with safety and convenience in mind, offering a hands-off approach to disinfection that leaves no chemical residue or harmful side effects while protecting against harmful pathogens on a constant basis. 

CASPR is available in a variety of models for applications in medical, commercial, and residential settings, including emergency vehicles. 

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CASPR technology is currently being used in several healthcare facilities in the USA, including UCLA hospital (LA), Texas Health Resources, and Parkland Health & Hospital System (Dallas), just to name a few. 

Watch the videos below for testimonials from Health Care providers currently using the CASPR Disinfection system.

CASPR technology uses the existent humidity in the air to create Hydrogen Peroxide, which is a naturally occurring gas. Hydrogen Peroxide molecules then disperse throughout the building air, disinfecting everything within the building. Hydrogen Peroxide air concentration output from CASPR units is 0.1-0.3 PPM, 99 to 66 times less than Health & Safety thresholds. After 30 minutes of contact, the Hydrogen Peroxide molecules decompose into oxygen and water, leaving no toxic residue or chemical buildup. CASPR In-Duct disinfection provides a safe and non-toxic disinfection solution for all indoor spaces.